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Harvey Specter

played by Gabriel Macht

Top attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) has built his career and life around one thing: winning.  Whether it’s inspiring witnesses, bullying CEOs, or charming the opposing counsel into bed, Harvey will do anything to get the “W.”  So when a chance encounter led Harvey to Mike Ross, Harvey leapt at the opportunity to add a mind like Mike’s to his arsenal.

Taking the young man under his wing, Harvey served as a mentor to Mike and helped him to negotiate the complicated legal world.  And though the cutthroat super attorney would never admit it, his young mentee’s optimistic worldview changed him for the better.

More recently, Harvey rose to the position of name partner after a protracted battle for control of the firm that almost tore apart his relationship with his own mentor, Jessica Pearson.  But the cost of keeping Mike’s secret pushed Harvey further and further outside legal lines.  After a high stakes battle with a U.S. Attorney nearly sent Mike to prison, Harvey finally realized the consequences of his actions and did the only thing that made sense – he let his protégé go.  But Harvey hasn’t seen the last of Mike – in fact, Mike’s new job technically makes him Harvey’s client.  And when a case winds up putting the student and the teacher head to head, Harvey will finally get to see just how well he trained his former pupil…

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