NFL Winners and Losers from Week 1

The NFC East gets ratings. It does not get wins out of the division.

Three of the saddest Week 1 performances came from the NFC East’s troubling trio: New York, Washington and Dallas. TheGiants aren’t just bad; their offense is unwatchable. Their performance on both sides of the ball in Detroit was as dispiriting as any team’s opening salvo.

The Cowboys‘ comedy of errors against San Francisco would have felt unlucky if they didn’t also feel so common during theJason Garrett era. The Redskins starting offense put together one touchdown drive in Houston, which was one more than they had during the preseason. It’s like watching Pierre Garcon andDeSean Jackson run routes with straightjackets on.

Add it all up, and the Philadelphia Eagles have to be feeling great again about their chances in the division. Here were some more winners and losers from Week 1:

Going up

Matt Ryan: It was easy to forget in 2013 how good Ryan can be. Ryan is set up to rack up yards with an improved running game, Julio Jones back in the mix and Devin Hester making a big impression as a receiver. The Falcons are going to play with four wideouts often, and they will need to throw plenty to keep up with their defense.

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