Make Your TV More App-etizing

Know about DIRECTV TV Apps? They’re a nifty feature available to all customers with Internet-connected HD DVRs — and they’re FREE. TV Apps let you get up-to-the-minute sports scores and schedules, track your NFL fantasy league, check the weather, share shows with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and easily discover new shows — all without missing a second of what you’re watching on TV. Better yet, they’ve been completely redesigned and are now in HD.

How do I access the HD TV apps?

Click here for more info. Or just press the RIGHT arrow on your remote and give them a whirl. To exit a TV App, just press EXIT or BACK on your remote.

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HD TV apps are available on Genie (Model HR34 or later, and Genie Mini Model C31 or later) and HD DVR models (HR20 or later) and HR Receiver (models H21 or later).