Halle Berry is Out of this World

Emmy Magazine Preview: In her first starring series role, Halle Berry soars as an astronaut whose cryptic encounter in space has very real consequences back home. CBS’s Extant offers the unearthly beauty a chance to reflect on what really matters in life and what she has yet to learn. –

“I’m 48, and it’s about damn time that I feel really grown up,” Halle Berry is saying.

“I feel totally in control of what I’m doing, and I don’t feel like I need to make everybody happy anymore. I’m very comfortable being exactly who I am, what I am, with all of my good and not so good, and all of my strengths and weaknesses. It’s okay to expose that and be that, because that’s what makes me human.”

It’s an early Monday in Los Angeles, and the actress has clearly had her morning coffee. But her words are not part of some caffeinated diva rant or Hollywood mumbo-jumbo. That’s not Halle Berry’s style.

She is wide awake in the truest sense and speaks her mind quietly, thoughtfully, openly.

Her oh-so-mortal observations coincide aptly with her latest role — as the star of Extant, the 13-episode sci-fi series airing this summer on CBS.

Berry plays an astronaut who returns home from a year-long solo space mission to find she’s inexplicably pregnant. “I’m allowing myself to be really human in this show,” the actress says, “because that’s where I’m at in life.”

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