‘Extant’: Nightmares and Daydreams

At times during this season on Extant, Ethan’s story has seemed like an afterthought, lost in the haze while we followed the breadcrumbs that led to the revelations about Molly’s waning sanity and the conspiracy that was and is being perpetrated by the sinister ISEA. Right now, we’re at a good mid-point for that story – Molly (Halle Berry) and John (Goran Visnjic) are united and she has Sparks and the ISEA seemingly convinced that she is unaware that they went in and extracted the alien baby that was growing inside of her. Perhaps that’s why this episode seemed like a good point to give us a little bit more about Ethan.

extant molly ethan drawing Extant: Nightmares and Daydreams

As a Humanech, Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) is unmistakable from other boys that are his age, at first glance. When Julie brings Odin, her new friend from the gym, to the lab to fix his arm (and there’s something going on there beneath the surface with him and his intentions, right? Corporate spy, maybe?) he marvels at Ethan when Julie reveals that he isn’t “real”, but that’s both the point and the predicament: Ethan looks like an upgrade over us.

As Odin puts it, “That’s the future.” This notion can prompt wonder and it can also clearly prompt paranoia and fears of inadequacy in those that resist Ethan. John’s blunt approach doesn’t help; point being, like any father he wants his son to fit in and not be an outcast because of something that he can’t help. We’ve never really seen John look at Ethan as anything more than that – his son. Last night, though, there was a bit of horror in his eyes because, for the second week in a row, something was happening to Ethan, his creation, that he did not understand.

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